Give us your feedback

Our schools' opinions matters to us.

As one of our valued clients, your opinion about the service we have delivered to you is crucial if we are to continue to develop.  With this in mind, we would really appreciate it if you could spend around 4 - 5 minutes completing the feedback form below.

Thank you in advance and kind regards,

Nick Madhavji
Managing Director of Joskos Solutions

A. Your Joskos Engineer(s)

Please provide feedback on your experience of the Joskos engineer who visits your school. If you have more than one engineer who visit your school, please feel free to provide additional comments in the section provided below. If you don't have any Joskos engineers assigned to you, please tick the box below and move on to section B.

2. Professionalism

Approachability, communication, punctuality, proactivity and ability to explain technical items in a non-technical manner?

3. Technical Ability

How suited do you feel your engineer is to your school's technical requirements?

4. Punctuality

Timekeeping and attendance is important to us. Do you feel your engineer....

5. Your overall satisfaction with your Joskos engineer

What is your level of satisfaction with your dedicated engineer/the engineer you have named above that visits you the most?

B. Your Joskos account manager/sales representative(s)

We would also value your opinions/feedback on your Joskos account manager/sales representative.

1. Professionalism (knowledge of your needs, clear explanations, response times etc.)

2. Speed of response for quotes/questions and proactivity

How do you rate the proactivity of your account manager, and how do you rate their ability to respond to your requirements/requests for quotes in a timely manner?

3. Frequency of contact with your account manager sales/representative

How often do you receive a phone call from your account manager/sales representative?

4. Your overall satisfaction with your account manager/sales representative

How do you rate the service that your Joskos account manager provides you?

In a bid to provide you with a better service and response time, we may have recently changed your account manager.  Please feel free to comment on this change or anything else that relates to your current account manager (such as response times for quotes and other requests).

C. Your experience of the Joskos Service Desk

If you have made use of the Joskos Service Desk (Helpdesk) either by phoning in or logging an issue online (by using the Joskos Service Desk Portal), please complete the following section. If you have not done either, please tick the box below and move onto section D

1. Professionalism of Joskos Service Desk staff responding to your telephone support call (communication, politeness etc.)

Does the Joskos Service Desk respond to your service requests in a professional and caring manner? How do you rate the service you receive when you make a telephone support call?

2. Have you ever logged an issue by using the online Joskos Service Desk Portal? If you have, how easy was it to use?

Note: If you have not yet used our online Service Desk Portal ( ) and would like access, please select 'Request Access'

3. Technical ability of the Joskos Service Desk staff

How would you rate the level of technical support you receive and the expertise of the service desk staff who respond to your requests?

4. Overall satisfaction of the Joskos Service Desk

How do you rate the service that the Joskos Service Desk provides you?

What can we change, continue to do, or do more of, in order to improve your service desk experience?

D. General Questions

1. We would like to know how you would rate the stability of your school's/organisation's network over the past 3 months

Our role is to ensure ICT is well supported and that it enhances teaching and learning. With that in mind, how reliable/robust is your network?

2. We would like to know your overall level of satisfaction with the services and solutions that Joskos provide

We thrive on ensuring that our services are having a positive impact. It's not possible to always get it 100% right, however we do want to know when we are and when we could be doing better. We really appreciate your feedback and ideas/suggestions:

4. Would you recommend Joskos to other schools?

5. Which of the following services do you think Joskos provide?

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete our survey. Please click now on 'submit' to complete it.