20 Questions For 20 Pieces

Where is Fire & Light manufactured?

What is NOT included in the Fire & Light prize package?

In 2011, Fire & Light shipped almost three tons of glassware to which architectural landmark for a special concert event?

Who was the entertainer at the event referenced above?

How many glass bottles and jars has Fire & Light recycled to date (approx)?

In April 2001, Fire & Light shipped six cases of glass stars to what famous Washington, DC area building?

For whom has Fire & Light NOT made an award (yet)?

What Fire & Light piece has been the number-one bestseller three years in a row?

What Fire & Light piece appears in the movie "Humboldt County"?

What movie does NOT feature a Fire & Light piece?

How many glass bottles need to be recycled to save enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for four hours?

Which is NOT a Fire & Light primary color?

What American Vice President recognized Fire & Light in the White House Task Force report "Recycling For The Future"?

Where is the Fire & Light Seconds Sale this month?

We all know Fire & Light recycles A LOT of glass, but what else do they recycle?

In what year did the California State Senate recognize Fire & Light as the Northcoast Green Entrepreneur Of The Year?

At what temperature is Fire & Light glass poured and formed?

Fire & Light designed and donated custom lights for what building on the HSU campus?

Originally, Fire & Light's founders were thinking of making WHAT with recycled glass?

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