LSBC Class Community Service Project Application

Project Is Located Within Santa Barbara County

The project can reasonably be completed within 6 months (including planning, fundraising, and implementation).

Six (6) month process of planning and execution begins with initial presentation of your project to the class in November and finishes before their graduation in mid-May. Please note that projects requiring permits from governing agencies, land acquisition, or other such elements may be very difficult to accomplish within the duration of the class unless such items are already completed or this is the end goal of this project (being a part of a bigger plan.)

The project is broad enough in scope to engage the entire 20 member LSBC class.

The project has a tangible result(s).

Check all that apply:

This project requires the following skills to be completed:

If selected, a staff person would be available to coordinate with LSBC class members and attend meetings on the 2nd Friday of each month for 1-2 hours (November - May).