How to fund a museum of sound recording history

The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording is looking for public input regarding the creation of an Austin, Texas museum that preserves the history of sound recording.  The museum is an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

MOMSR's goals:
1  Preservation of vintage sound recording devices, their documentation and restoration, including acoustic, magnetic and digital formats.
2  Education by providing interactive displays, demonstrations, historical multimedia, web resources and a library
3  Celebration of the inventors, manufacturers, engineers, producers, musicians, broadcasters, educators and scientists in the areas of recorded sound.

Description: The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording (MOMSR) was founded in 2012 to preserve vintage sound recording devices. The initial concept was to enable a private collection of 200+ vintage tape recorders, 100+ vintage microphones and other supporting equipment to become available to the public in a permanent Austin, Texas museum. The concept was expanded to include information on acoustics. hearing, and sound recording's impact on broadcasting, music, film/video and science. We envision a museum that would co-locate with sound recording related collections.

While we have gained a great deal of vocal support, financial assistance eludes us. In spite of donations being tax deductible, donations have not been forthcoming, except for one crowd funding event.

We understand that our audience may be somewhat limited and that folks attend similar museums that focus more on the celebrities vs the behind the scenes engineers.

So with this survey, we're looking for new ideas. Our Museum has no staff and is being maintained 100% by volunteer time. Even limited funding would assist us in creating a broader appeal for support.

How interested are you in supporting the creation of a sound recording history museum?

If you are interested, what do you believe is most lacking in our appeal for donations?

What would you be most willing to support through a donation?

Thank you for your time in completing this survey! Please pass the survey link on to other folks who might be interested in the creation of this museum.