How Well do you Focus on People?

The secret to an efficient process is a deep genuine focus on people.

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How well do you focus on people and provide them with feedback that gets used?  

  • Do you manage/lead or teach others?
  • Are you part of a team that must work together to achieve success?
  • How well do you communicate “did wells” and “do betters” to lead your team to inspire performance?

We are greatly affected by how others offer and receive feedback. Giving difficult feedback can be stressful and difficult. Most people avoid it altogether.

Remember feedback that gets used boosts performance and growth. This assessment offers tips and strategies to boost your focus on people which will help grow their performance.

To see how well you focus on people through the use of authentic feedback, assess yourself on these 20 Feedback Factors.

This informal self-assessment is intended for personal use only. It will help you identify strengths and improvement areas when giving feedback. Be honest with yourself; as you rate yourself think about specific situations or feedback you have received.

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