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Please take 3 minutes to fill in this short 5 question survey about what services and help you most want to boost your website sales/leads.

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Three survey respondents will be randomly chosen to win a 30-minute conversion consultation from Rich (worth $200).

Q1: Which of these 'help' service offerings from me you would find useful?

Q2: How much would you be willing to pay for a live website conversion review?

For a 60 minute live, interactive website conversion review to help boost your website sales and leads, how much would you be willing to pay?

Q3: How much would you expect a 'conversion clinic' monthly membership to cost?

This 'conversion clinic' would include a weekly 60-minute Google Hangout call where attendees could ask me questions and advice, and a related Google Community private group for getting conversion and sales improving advice from me and other members, and networking opportunities.

Q4: What delivery method of 'help' from me would you prefer?

What format of my help would you most find valuable?

Q5: How likely would you be to purchase any of my 'help' services (from Q1)?

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E.g. cost, value, guarantee, testimonials, ability to act on recommendations etc. Please elaborate.

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