Pressure Sore Videoconference Evaluation April 16, 2015

Your feedback is important to us. Please complete an evaluation for this videoconference and webcast.

1. Overall how effective would you say the format of the videoconference was in contributing to your learning about pressure sore prevention and treatment?

2. How effective were each of the following aspects of the video conference in contributing towards your learning?

Extremely effectiveVery effectiveSomewhat effectiveSlightly effectiveNot at all effective

3. How likely are you to use the new Pressure Sore Guide?

4. How likely are you to respond to the call to action to address problems with the healthcare system relating to pressure sores?

5a. Would you recommend the videoconference to others?

6. We are trying to understand our audience for the videoconference. Please choose all responses that apply to you. I am a:

Thank you for your time and feedback