Clothing Survey

Research for a potential clothing line.

Participation and Confidentiality

This survey is for my research purposes only, and is anonymous. Participating in this survey is voluntary and you can choose not to answer a question at any time.

Question 2

Are you...

Question 3

How old are you?

Question 4

How tall are you?

Question 5

Do you live in the Greater Vancouver area?

If you do not live in the Greater Vancouver area, where do you live?

Question 7

How much do you spend on clothing in a month?

Where do you currently shop?

Where do you find the best fitting clothes?

What are your favorite brands?

Question 11

Do you find it difficult to shop for clothes in your size?

What are the most difficult items to find? (ex. jackets, dress pants, jeans, blazers, dress shirts, etc...)

Question 13

Do you ever get your clothing altered, tailored, or custom made to fit your size?

Why or why not? (In regards to getting clothes tailored)