How connected are you? (Healthwatch Somerset)

This survey is about 'being connected'. Being connected means that you have contact with other people in your social circle who can support you and that you have access to information to help you make choices. You may be connected to family, friends, your local community or services that are paid to support you

Do you consider yourself to be well connected with your support network and local community?

How often do you have face to face contact with friends or relatives?

Are you involved in any activities in the community? Please tick all that apply

What would you like to get involved in if possible? Please tick all that apply

What are the things that prevent you from getting involved, or getting more involved than you already are?

Are you aware of the signposting service Somerset Choices?

Somerset Choices is a website that gives you information and advice on care and support services and local groups in Somerset.

Are you able to access Somerset Choices?

If you have used Somerset Choices, please tick which best describes your experience

What do you consider are the benefits of getting involved in your community (please tick all that apply)

What do you consider are the benefits of having a regular visit from a befriender? Please tick all that apply

Do you have access to the internet?

The following questions help us to make sure we are treating everyone equally, and that we are communicating in ways that work for everyone - please complete these questions as it helps us do better!

Where do you live?

How would you describe where you live?

How old are you?

How would you describe your ethnicity?

How would you describe your sexuality?

Do you have a caring responsibility? If so, please select the option that best fits