CSR Olympics Feedback

What should the focus of the CSR Olympics be?

Will you participate in the CSR Olympics again?

What kind of CSR Olympic activities would you participate in?

The original idea for the FUNraiser was an outdoor 'closing ceremony' style celebration complete with team parade and beer gardens. We had to change it to be smaller and less structured due to lack of spectators. As a team what style of wrap-up party would you prefer?

For the closing ceremony, or other celebration events, are you comfortable coercing your friends & coworkers to come as spectators?

Did the points breakdown align with your opinion of what activities are "worth"?

See http://csrolympics.com/challenge/ to read how points are awarded

How much would you be willing to pay to participate in the CSR Olympic Challenge?

Per person. This year's cost was $10 per person.

Would your employer sponsor your team entry into the CSR Olympics?