Scholarship Application - The 2017 Tennis Congress

Your Application and 2 Recommendations are due by SATURDAY JULY 15

The Tennis Congress will award several scholarships to enable adults (21+) requiring financial assistance to attend the 2017 Tennis Congress in Tucson Arizona (please click here to read details about the event), October 19-22. Winners will be determined through a competitive application process and notified by August 1. Finalists may be contacted for a phone interview.

In addition to financial need, the selection committee will consider the following factors:
  • Passion for tennis, with evidence that tennis plays a meaningful role in the athlete’s life and they seize opportunities to apply lessons from on-court to life 
  • On-court work ethic, drive and initiative to improve
  • Potential to improve and benefit from participation at The Tennis Congress
  • Commitment to “giving back” and “paying it forward” somehow

1) Visit the Tennis Congress website to learn more about the 2017 Tennis Congress event:

2) Ask 2 references to submit a recommendation by July 15. Ask two individuals who know you and your tennis background well (a coach, teammate, fellow player, family member, close friend). Your application will not be considered without these two recommendations. Ask them to use the following URL to submit their recommendations:

--> Recommendation Form:

3) Complete this application by Saturday July 15: You do not need to complete this application all at once - you have the option to click "Save and continue later" at the bottom of the page. 

Questions? Please email us at



Do you have a computer NTRP rating from playing USTA matches?

* If you answered "No" in the previous question, please give an honest assessment of your NTRP self-rating. You may also click here to take a very short quiz to estimate your NTRP rating, then give your result below:


Ideally, we would extend full-tuition scholarships to every winner - but our resources are limited and our goal is to help as many deserving individuals as we can to participate. As such, we ask you to please consider and indicate below how much realistically you could afford with regard to tuition ($2,495), your transportation to Tucson, and room and board ($149/night for 4 nights - or half that if you share a room). We will do our best to meet the financial need of all scholarship awardees. 


Could you cover your own airfare/transportation costs if you receive a scholarship covering tuition?

Could you cover your own hotel room ($149/night) if you receive a scholarship covering full tuition?


Please record a short video message (3 min max) on your phone or camera letting your personality shine and covering the following questions:

  • Why is tennis a special, meaningful part of your life?
  • How often do you play and practice?
  • Do you have access to any formal coaching/lessons/clinics?
  • Why is attending The Tennis Congress important to you?
  • What accomplishments, personal characteristics, or experiences make you especially worthy of scholarship consideration?
  • How do you work in your own life to "pay it forward" or "give back"?
Upload it to YouTube (or another easily accessible web page), and enter the URL below (you can make it unlisted so only those with the URL can find and view it). How to upload a video on YouTube 
Enter the URL for your private video message:


If you're not finished and wish to save your work, press "Save and Continue Later"
When you're ready to submit your application, press "Submit" below.

IMPORTANT!: Please remember that your application will only be considered if we receive (by July 15) recommendations from 2 individuals who know you and your tennis background well.

--> Recommendation Form: