SAP Skilled Volunteer Survey

SAP is enhancing their employee volunteer program by extending product education and support to nonprofits. If your organization is interested in getting technical assistance from a skilled SAP volunteer in the area of report design, dashboard creation, and data visualization, please fill out this short q​​​u​​​e​​​s​​​t​​​i​​​o​​​n​​​n​​​a​​​i​​​r​​​e​​​ providing background on your organization and support requirements. Your information will be posted internally as a volunteer opportunity for SAP employees, and you will be contacted once a match is made.

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If yes, which products?

What types of TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE is your organization interested in acquiring?

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To help target the right candidates please select SKILLS that are important to have for this volunteer opportunity.

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Are you open to receiving virtual support if onsite support is not available?