Advanced Year Community Application

The Advanced Year class of the Community Development Institute (CDI) focuses on the application of community and economic development principles in a real-world setting, with the Advanced Year Class of CDI 2016 working with a community August 1-4. It offers a community a fresh look at its issues and opportunities, plus an action process to kickstart a development process within the community.

Interested communities are asked to complete this application by May 2.

The selected community will benefit from interacting with a small group of community and economic development professionals. While in the community, these professionals will provide an objective perspective on the community. Up to nine months of follow up technical assitance will be provided. UCA and U of A Cooperative Extension will work with community leaders to develop goals and action steps to address key issues identified by the community. This experience is a unique opportunity to kickstart community and economic development in your community.

View the criteria for eligible communities. Communities with CDI alumni are strongly encouraged to complete this application.

Any interested community should complete this application by May 2. For questions or assistance completing this application, email or call 501-450-5269.

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