Vivere First Aid Kits

Does this resort have a first Aid kit

How many first Aid Kits does this resort have

Use N/A if no first Aid kit present

How often is the first Aid kit used

Use N/A if no first Aid Kit Present

What type of container is the first Aid kit

What is the container made of that contains all the first aid items. Tick N/A if no first Aid kit present

How much did the first aid kit cost

If no first aid kit then $0


What items are in the resorts first Aid kit

How often is there an emergency that requires an Ambulance or Doctor to be called to the resort

Use N/A if no Ambulance of Doctor has been called

How often does a guest / tourist ask about medical care in Samoa.

Including if the guest is required or asks to be taken to the hospital

How much would you wish to spend on a first aid kit (in Tala)


What items would you like the most in a first aid kit

Would you prefer a first aid kit that hang on the wall?

Question 15