Survey Smarter. 4 Ways to Empower Your Research With Mobile Devices!

The emergence of mobile devices continues to have a profound impact on online survey research. The entire industry is changing before our eyes, and this exciting shift is just beginning! We  recently wrote a blog series discussing the different modes for conducting mobile surveys using our software, including online kiosk mode, offline mode, and the FluidSurveys Mobile App. With all these different options at our fingertips, let’s take a look at a few ways you can start using mobile surveys to your advantage!

1) Just-in-Time Mobile Surveys. Drastically Increase Response Rates!

More and more, individuals are relying on their smartphones for internet usage. Whether it’s watching YouTube videos, updating Twitter or checking email, it’s all in the palm of their hand. In fact, by the end of 2012, 41% of all emails were being opened on mobile devices! Pair this statistic with the fact that 70% of mobile email checkers immediately delete emails that don’t render well on their device, and the implications are massive for survey administrators. (Source: Knotice) With a mobile friendly and responsive survey, you can make sure that everything looks great and is wonderfully interactive on any device or screen size. A great first impression will ensure that your respondents open and complete your survey without problems, maximizing response rates. You’ll get the data you need.

FluidSurveys realizes that in the new world of online survey research, it’s no longer possible to be solely desktop compliant. That’s why we have made all our question types and survey layouts 100% mobile compatible. For tips on how to design survey questions to be effective on smartphones and tablets, check out our article “Overcoming the Challenges of Mobile Surveys.”

2) Make In-Person Surveys Easier. Add the Human Touch.

Surveying people in-person has been taking place with pen and paper for centuries. However, paper surveys have always been time consuming for researchers since they had to manually tally and aggregate all the collected responses and data themselves in order to do any overarching data analysis. With today’s mobile devices, researchers can conduct in-person interviews and record answers on a tablet, which is directly connected to their survey software account via a Wi-Fi or broadband connection. All information gathered from one or multiple interviewers is then stored together automatically in an easy to analyze response list. Easy as that!

In-Person surveys can be especially useful in situations where extremely sensitive information needs to be collected, or real-time clarifications might be needed from the administrator. Think of a nurse asking for patient information within the waiting room of a clinic. Thanks to mobile surveys, this is made incredibly easier, more convenient, and secure.

What’s more, FluidSurveys’s Offline Mode allows the researcher to conduct in-person interviews with our software without the need of an internet connection. This makes on location, door-to-door, and international surveying a nonissue for interviewers armed with mobile devices.

3) Self Service. Set Up Powerful Kiosk Surveys!

Kiosk surveys allow organizations and event holders to take advantage of customers visiting their location by asking them to provide feedback and information through a stationary tablet device. Think of walking into a restaurant, and before leaving, seeing a kiosk with a tablet asking you to provide some quick feedback about your experience. Simple, easy, fast and enticing.

This is a great use of a mobile surve, because it is less intrusive than having an employee or volunteer ask to interview the potential respondent and will have better response rates than leaving a link to a survey at the end of a customer receipt. Not to mention that the respondent’s visit will still be fresh in their mind as they fill out the questionnaire on location.

Beyond this, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can be used in conjunction with kiosk surveying to easily collect data at conventions and events. This can be accomplished by providing guests with RFID tags, which they can then scan stationery mobile devices in order to leave their information.

4) Watch, Listen, Record. Take Advantage of Real-Time Observational Research.

Real time observational research is conducted by pre-determined customers or volunteers who answer questions about their experience at a location or immediately after. A perfect example of this would be mystery shopping surveys, where a trained observer poses as a customer of a restaurant or store and must fill out several questions about their visit.

Like with in-person surveys, typically the recording of information was done with pen and paper, and then the data was manually tabulated. Mobile surveys make this entire process dramatically easier and faster! The surveyor can use a tablet or their own phone, and everything they record can be automatically uploaded, sorted and tabulated. This is even possible in locations without a WIFI or cell signal, thanks to FluidSurveys’ offline mode.

Make Use of Your Own Mobile Survey!

These are just 4 ideas of how to leverage mobile surveys within your research, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re living in an increasingly mobile world, and this is great news for us surveyors. We can reach our respondents more easily, efficiently and at just the right times to get the most valuable data.So go ahead and get started integrating mobile devices into your research today!

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