Increase Response Rates with Proper Survey Branding

Most researchers learn to create a well-structured and professional survey out of necessity. However, many of these survey creators do not realize that their response rates and quality of responses are being affected by how credible their questionnaire appears. In this article, we will discuss how your survey’s image through branding can affect the quality of your data and go over some tips on how to make your survey look more credible.

Survey Branding vs Quality of Information

When researchers think of survey image, they think of whether the survey is professional, interesting and easy to understand. These three qualities are obviously incredibly important to the success of the research, but also overlook the importance of a branded image. In fact, branding affects the perceived level of credibility of your survey and can have severe consequences on a survey’s results.

When a potential respondent makes a decision on whether they will answer a survey, one of the first things they do, either consciously or subconsciously, is determine whether that survey is being presented by a credible source. In most cases, respondents will look for indicators that the survey they are invited to complete is hosted by the same company that the questions are for. For this reason, businesses that are more straightforward in identifying themselves usually see a better response rates and more useful data.

The need for transparency by the company comes from a stigma that has been associated with surveys for a long time. Many people are immediately suspicious of research questionnaires, believing that the survey creators are being deceptive in their reasons to gain information. This is especially the case with online surveys, since people are forced to filter through a multitude of scams and junk advertising during each session of surfing the web. By having your survey explicitly branded, respondents feel safer that their answers are going to a responsible business that will be held accountable if the collected information is misused.

How to Brand Your Survey

Let’s go over a few ways that companies should brand their survey in order to build their research’s perceived credibility:

1) Logo: Placing your company logo on your survey is probably the easiest way to assert the legitimacy of your survey. If your logo is more or less unknown, there are other images that can be just as useful. For example, a restaurant owner providing a picture of his restaurant’s building or a professional using an image of themselves at work.

2) Colour and Styling: Using company colours and styling (ex: font) is another commonly overlooked element of survey branding. Businesses should ensure that their surveys follow the same styling as their products and advertisements, since most people equate a company with their branding colours and style. However, when it comes to customizing a survey’s colours and styles, it is important to ensure that you are not jeopardizing the clarity of your questions. It is usually best to use your company branding on the borders of your survey and leave your survey questions plain to ensure your text is clear and readable.

3) Proper Introduction: The introduction serves several functions. Primarily, it is used to identify to the respondent that they are in the correct place. That is why it is imperative to place your company name in the introduction’s text. In almost any research survey it is appropriate to begin your introduction with a welcoming line mentioning both your company and the purpose of the study. For example, “Welcome to {Company Name}’s customer satisfaction survey!” Based on the first line, the respondent now understands who is running the survey and what information they are looking for.

4) Respondent Privacy: Probably the most definitive way to prove your survey’s credibility to respondents is a link to the rules of privacy your research will abide by. The majority of the participants will not bother to read it or even investigate the link, but its presence on the questionnaire will gain respondent trust. If you do not have any privacy documents to share, provide a one liner assuring that your business will keep all information provided by respondents confidential.

Get Complete Branding Control

For many companies, there is a need to go step further than these four tips for branding. These businesses and organizations need branding beyond the survey layout and design. Luckily, FluidSurvey’s offers complete branding control with our white label plan. The white label plan provides branded web links, personalized URLs, custom branded instances and much more. If you are interested in learning about the FluidSurveys white label plan check out our blog on the white label advantage.

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