Get the Right Feedback with New Questions

Don’t hack a question to work for your exact feedback needs. Instead, use these new question types to draw the correct conclusions and make informed decisions.

In this webinar, we covered:

-Improve site usability with the image heat map question;
-Choose the right concept with the image hot spot question;
-Dynamically import external data into your survey with the web service question;
-Sort and rank items with the group/rank question; and
-Find your customer’s preferred choice with the max differential scale question.

This webinar took place on November 5th from 1-2PM EDT. Watch the recording below.

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Shannon McCluskey

Shannon is a marketing specialist at Fluidware. She is passionate about sharing knowledge on the latest survey insights and product features. Shannon is also very active in the local technology community, and mentors startups on marketing strategy.

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