6 More Reasons That FluidSurveys is the Best Survey Software

Good survey software gets updated every now and then, but the best survey software is improved continually. Lately, the FluidSurveys developers have been listening to feedback from our customers and implementing some of their great suggestions into our survey software!

Today’s Blog Post Will Showcase a Collection of Our
Latest Improvements and Updates!

1. The FluidSurveys invite tool now supports HTML
As you craft your custom invitation messages for your survey respondents, you can now jazz things up with your very own HTML code! This of course will grant you the freedom to change the color, font, general appearance (embed media & company logos!) of your message to give your invitation that extra appeal! Utilize the convenient buttons for quick & easy modifications or view the source of your email message for direct access to the HTML code!

Our Amazing Invite Tool!

2. You Can Now Sort Your Survey List!
From the main screen in your FluidSurveys account, look to the bottom-right corner. You will now see a drop-down menu that lets you sort your surveys by 4 different critera: by Date Created, Date Updated, Survey Name and Number of Responses. For those that have multiple pages of surveys, this is sure to be a major time (and sanity) saver!

Quickly Sort Your Surveys!

3. Survey Overwrite Protection
You will now receive a warning message if you attempt to save a survey that someone else on your team is currently editing! This new message system will save you from costly mistakes and accidental changes.

Whoops! Maybe Bob is editing this survey too...?

4. New Piping Options!
You can now use our survey piping feature-set to pipe a question’s particular score value or index location into your survey. Here’s the format: {{ identifier|score }} or {{ identifier|index }}

Advanced Piping Options with the Best Survey Software

5. Changes to the Slider Question Type
The slider question type can now be programmed with an initial value, and is fully functional with your offline surveys as well!

Slider Question Type Improvements

6. Improved Diagnostic Messages
We’ve improved the diagnostic messages that appear when there’s a problem saving your survey. You will now receive a message indicating where the failure occurred so that you can better understand what is causing the issue.

Better Diagnostic Messages

How to Get a Free FluidSurveys Account

By now you’re wondering how to take part in the awesomeness that is FluidSurveys, am I right? Just head on over to our sign-up page and start using our free online survey creator today!

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