Adding an introduction to your survey.

Update: Hop on over to FluidSurveys University and read our article “How to Write a Proper Survey Introduction” for the latest information on this subject.

When you are writing a paper or a report having an introduction is extremely important. So why should a survey be any different? Having an introduction allows your respondents to have a preliminary description of your survey, as well as letting them know how the information gathered will be used. Most importantly, it gets your respondents in the mood for completing your survey. When they are prepared to answer all of the questions on the topic you have provided, you will get more accurate results.

Your introduction should always be on the first page of your survey. If you are looking for an introduction question type to drag over to the viewer, you will not find one. We have provided the option for section separators. These are predominately used, not only for introductions but, for surveys where there are multiple parts that need separation for perhaps a variation in topic etc.

If necessary, go to the survey options tab and change your survey title. I will change mine to employee survey.

Drag and drop your section separator into the viewer.

Now return to the options tab and input your information for the introduction.

You can also use our rich text editor to add extra rich text or images to your introduction.

Once you have chosen the rich text (edit html) the rich text editor will pop up. You can type in your extra description and bold or underline any key phrases etc.

Your introduction should include: your company’s name, background on your company/organization, information about the type of survey, and the types of questions that will be asked. It is important to let your respondents know that if it is an anonymous survey their responses will remain anonymous. Also if it is a specific person that is conducting the survey and it is necessary that people know who you are, then be clear about your role and position in creating the survey and distributing it.

Check out our video on section separators for further information.

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