New Feature! Automatically Send Customized Confirmation Emails to Anyone You Chose Based on Survey Input!

Have you ever been creating a survey and thought to yourself, “Jeepers, it sure would be cool to send a customized email to Jim in finance every time a person says yes to my survey question!”  Ok, that “jeepers” part was pretty lame, but the fact remains:

FluidSurveys now Boasts Advanced Email Authoring Abilities within its Already Outstanding Set of Survey Logic Features!

To be perfectly clear, FluidSurveys was already able to send emails upon certain survey logic conditions being met, but you were limited to a standard form e-mail and a rather (*ahem*) lack-luster interface.

But now you can totally customize the recipient list, the subject and body of your email, and insert “pipers” for dynamically-generated e-mail goodness!

So let’s explore this new and exciting improvement we’ve made for you:

Step 1

To get started, click on the “Edit Survey Logic Rules” button located on the “Page” tab in your survey editor.

Step 1: Click Edit Survey Logic Rules

Step 2

Next, click on “Add Branching Logic”.

Step 2: Add Branching Logic

Step 3

The Survey Logic Wizard window will appear. Build a logic condition (in my example, we’re simply testing if the respondent said “Yes” to our question) and then select “E-Mail” as your action in the drop-down menu.

Now you will see a new button appear, labeled “Email Wizard” as indicated by the blue arrow! (Oooh, Aaah!) Go ahead and click on this button, and proceed to Step 4.

Step 3: Survey Logic Wizard

Step 4

And now the fun begins! You should now see the Wizard screen for our new Advanced Email Options:

Step 4: Email Wizard

Since FluidSurveys is the best online survey software available, we have made this really straight forward:

The rundown: (please hold your applause until the end)

1. Language Selector

If your survey is configured for multiple languages, the Email Wizard recognizes your settings and lets you configure completely unique emails for each language.

2. Customize with Pipers

Think of pipers as variables, or things that get replaced. If you select the piper “Survey Name” and click Insert, you will see {{ survey_name }} appear in your email, but your recipient will see the actual name of the survey.

3. Send your Email to…?

Depending on your requirements, you can manually type one or more email addresses that will receive this message. But what about the piper technology we just discussed? Yes, it works in the “To:” field as well! As an example, if you insert the “Invite: E-Mail Address” piper into the “To:” field, FluidSurveys dynamically insert the email address of your invitee respondent into to “To:” field. How cool is that?

4. Create Your Subject Line

This is pretty self explanatory, but in case you were wondering, YES, pipers work in this field, too!

5. Create Your Message Body

Here is where you type the message you want your recipient to receive. Pipers work in this box, as do some basic HTML formatting tags.

6. Advanced Options

Use Invite E-mail (if available): If you tick this box, the contents of the To: field will be ignored and the email will send to the respondent’s email address, assuming they were invited to the survey. Note: this is the same thing as using the “Invite: E-Mail Address” piper.
Include Response Data: This option will include the response data from the survey in the email.
Send on Survey Completion: If you tick this box, the email will not send until the entire survey is completed. If the box is not ticked, the email will be sent as soon as the logic condition you programmed is met.

All Done!

Alright, now you are ready to take advantage of this great improvement to further customize your surveys. If you need more information, we’re here to help. And if you aren’t already using FluidSurveys, get started today! You’ll love us — we promise!

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