Celebrating Dave Goldberg

Our team in Ottawa, along with our colleagues and friends in Palo Alto, Portland, Dublin, Sydney and around the world, are grieving. We’re heartbroken by the loss of our main monkey, Dave Goldberg.

But we consider ourselves truly lucky to be able to celebrate such a remarkable man and leader. Dave has left an unforgettable impression on those who knew him well, on those who knew him a little, and on those who knew him from afar.

We invite you to read some of the amazing stories and memories that have been shared by our colleagues about Dave on the SurveyMonkey blog, as well as touching tributes from Adam Lashinsky, Dave DiMartino, Bill Gurley, Kara Swisher and Paul Ollinger. They create an exceptionally accurate portrait of the man that he was: brilliant, quick, thoughtful, caring, genuine, humble, and generous.

For those of us in the Ottawa office, we’re unspeakably saddened that the privilege of working with, and learning from, Dave was cut so short. But, we’re forever grateful that we had the chance at all.

The FluidReview and FluidSurveys teams were acquired by SurveyMonkey on August 5, 2014, and on that hectic, exciting, stressful, and sometimes confusing day, we got our first taste of Dave Goldberg. From the second that he got up to speak in front of the team, the newly initiated monkey troop, he put everyone at ease.

In that first meeting, Dave spoke with passion, purpose and enthusiasm. He congratulated everyone on the work they had already done, and on the progress they had made, but sold us on the vision of what we could still achieve. He had amazing and ambitious ideas for where we could go, and addressed all concerns and questions with reassurance and grace. We all left that meeting knowing that SurveyMonkey would be an amazing place to work because of the incredible leader we had.

For the rest of the day, Dave mingled with our entire team in the office, greeted every single person with enthusiasm and warmth, and talked strategy, music and football. On a day of an acquisition, a day that could been unnerving and anxious, he made the entire team feel unbelievably welcome.

That day is one we’ll never forget.

As part of the SurveyMonkey team, we’re honored and thankful to have been able to get to know Dave, and like he would have wanted, we’re going to continue building great products and a great company. We’re going to miss Dave more than we even know, but we’re determined to keep his legacy alive and to make him proud.

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