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What’s cooking in the FluidSurveys lab, you might ask? We’re working double-time to improve your mobile surveys! This means your surveys will have a more modern appearance and behavior when displayed on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The official release date for these features is yet to be announced, but Enterprise survey software subscribers can participate in the beta today!

Hard Hats Required!

Today’s blog post will be exploring mobile surveys in their current beta state. Please note that improvements and changes are bound to appear between the date of this post, and the official launching of these new features.

How to Modify the Mobile Survey Settings

Enabling / Disabling the New Format
Surveys created before September 20th 2012 will have the new formatting disabled by default, and surveys created after this date will have the new formatting enabled by default.

To toggle the formatting on or off, simply click Publish, Settings, Display Options and look for the check box entitled “Allow mobile-friendly survey formatting.” Check out the screenshot below to see exactly where to click:

Existing Mobile Formatting / Custom CSS
Any existing formatting you have applied to your survey will be temporarily replaced while the new formatting is enabled. In the future we will make it easy for you to customize this new look & feel.

Allow users to turn off mobile formatting at the bottom of the survey
Checking this option will give your survey respondents the option to revert to the ‘old’ formatting on their mobile device.

Propose to turn off mobile formatting if loading takes too long
If your survey is super-duper lengthy, there is an option in the settings entitled “Propose to turn off mobile formatting if loading takes too long” that should be enabled. With this option enabled, if loading the survey on a mobile device takes longer than 4 seconds, the person taking the survey will be presented with an option to view the ‘normal’ desktop version instead.

How to Preview the Mobile Formatting on your Desktop Computer
Our brainiac thoughtful developers even programmed a way to preview your mobile survey from your desktop 🙂 Simply append &mobile to the end of your survey URL. If there are other arguments in your URL, however, you will need to replace the ? with a &. This will set a cookie in your browser to enable the new formatting until you either close your browser window, or set ?mobile=false instead.

Confused? Watch the video at the end of this blog post and it will make more sense.

Ok ok, Now What Does it Look Like?

Here’s a side-by-side of the new format and the old format for mobile surveys.

Old Formatting for Mobile Surveys New Formatting for Mobile Surveys

Mobile Survey Video

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