Introducing the twHello Integration! Conduct Voice and SMS Surveys

Hello everyone! Over the past week the FluidSurveys office has been abuzz with talk of a new integration created by twHello, which will allow our surveys to be conducted by voice or SMS (text messaging) on the respondents’ phones!

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What Exactly Does the Integration Do?

Basically, the integration allows twHello to provide the coding to make your survey compatible for SMS and voice surveying. When the respondent calls or texts the survey’s allotted telephone number,tTwHello will read the survey by looping through each question. The respondent can then answer the questions one-by-one by either pressing the appropriate number key or responding by voice.

Beyond the fact that this integration was created only for FluidSurveys, it is valuable for 3 main reasons:

1) Today, we are living in an increasingly mobile world. Being able to directly contact a wide range of respondents through their mobile device will give your research the advantage it needs to keep up with today’s response rate standards.

2) In essence, the integration automates the phone surveying process. Completing your online survey through this integration is relatively inexpensive compared to the high cost of hiring a company to conduct the phone interviews for you. With this integration you’re getting the best of both the online surveying and phone surveying worlds!

3) Finally, the integration makes it possible to reach demographics that would not be likely to answer their emails or own a computer device. Online research suffers when faced with surveying the elderly or people living in third world conditions. However, by optimizing both voice and SMS surveying you will be able to use FluidSurveys to contact these hard to reach demographics.

Give this Cool New Integration a Test Run Today!

The best thing about this integration is that it’s available on all plans and free to try out! For more information, check out twHello’s article on the integration or visit their homepage by clicking here!

Ready to get started, but don’t have a FluidSurveys account? Go ahead and set up your own account by visiting our pricing page!

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