Congratulations to All Involved in the First Annual FluidSurveys User Conference!

All of us at FluidSurveys would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2014 FluidSurveys User Conference and made it a smashing success! We had a wonderful turn out of FluidUsers, a diverse line-up of speakers, and were also able to really show off some of our software’s incredible new features!

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A Big Thanks to Our Guest Speakers!

First, we wanted to give a special thanks to each one of our guest speakers. Here’s a quick look at the extraordinary job they did:

Mr. Liam Martin: Co-Founder of Staff.com and Time Doctor, Liam took us through an intriguing presentation on the creation and evolution of his start-up business. He went on to show us how he used FluidSurveys and data analysis to supercharge his companies’ growing success. Liam closed sharing the wisdom of growing and understanding your customer base before investing on retention with his don’t put the cart ahead of the horse strategy.

Charity Water: Charity Water is an incredible not-for-profit organization, which is tirelessly working towards bringing clean and healthy drinking water to every person on the planet. They shared with the conference how they are innovatively using the FluidSurveys tool to help organize their mission on improving the sustainability of water points around the globe!

Dr. David Colleto: CEO of the marketing research firm Abacus Data, Dr. Colleto gave an insightful discussion on the challenges of online surveying in today’s research world. The conference benefited greatly from his expertise for everything survey research. To name a few key areas of focus, we learned when it is best to send survey invites, how to ‘catch the clickers,’ and how to best design questions for better quality responses.

A Quick Overview of Our User Conference Workshops

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We were also able to show off some of FluidSurveys’s awesome features, as well as provide tips and tricks for online research with our User Conference workshops. We know that it was a lot to take in, so if you need a refresher or might have missed a workshop, click the links below to learn more on any of the following topics:

Finally, the highlight of the day for many people was the sneak peek at Fluidware’s brand new product, Pulse! I know that most of you are very excited to get your hands on this revolutionary in-app surveying and customer engagement tool, so click here to visit the Pulse website!

We Can’t Wait for Next Year!

As for us, we can’t wait to see what FluidSurveys comes out with over the course of the following 12 months! We also know that we couldn’t do it without the insights and support of our customers and fans. For this reason, you can bet that FluidSurveys will be ready next year to show off a whole new line up of innovative features and strategies for online research! Until then, happy surveying folks!

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FluidSurveys Presents

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