Create Your Own Survey Templates

You can create and save your own survey templates within your account. You can then apply these templates to any surveys you create, and customize them as needed.

And here is a handy video tutorial:

For the documented tutorial, check it out here.

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  • john wood says:

     It is great experience with you to create a survey template. I love to create survey templates.

  • Dao Thang says:

    How can i manage created template? (Delete, rename, edit?)


  • Matthew says:

    Hello Dao,

    Presently you would only be able to delete templates which you have created. In order to edit or update the template, you would want to open or create a survey with that template, change it, and then save it as a new template.

    Please note that two templates can be created with the same name, they will not overwrite each other. Before saving the template as an identical name, please be sure to delete the older version if necessary.

    If you have any further questions, please contact our direct support e-mail at !