Exciting New Features are Coming to FluidSurveys

Over the past several months, our development team has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on FluidSurveys 5.1 – our latest software release! There are tons of great new features and enhancements that are coming your way, and they’ll make your surveying experience even better and more powerful. We’re so excited that we wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of some of the new features that are on the horizon!


 New Question Types to Help You Ask the Right Questions

The Heat Map Question Type
Image 1 – The Heat Map Question Type

In FluidSurveys 5.1, we continue to introduce cutting-edge question types that are powerful to use, responsive to multiple devices, and interactive to increase respondent engagement.

  • Improve Interface Design with the Image Heat Map Question:
    • Learn what aspects of your website trip up your users. Visualize this feedback on a heat map to see trends and make strategic changes that will improve the user experience.
  • Categorize Responses with the Group/Rank Question:
    • Gain insight into how your respondents would group items, and then rank that grouping, with this new interactive drag-and-drop question.
  • Collect Concept Feedback with the Image Hot Spot Question:
    • Find out which design your audience prefers before you bring your concept to market, or test your students on geography, language, or anatomy with this innovative question!
  • Import External Data to Your Survey with the Web Service Question:
    • Dynamically import data from website RSS feeds or your external database into survey questions. Incorporate the latest news articles to effortlessly collect feedback on time-sensitive questions.
  • Find Respondent Preferences with the Max Differential Scale Question
    • This question type intelligently compares items so you’re able to capture your respondents’ true preferences more accurately than ever before.


 New Report Features to Enhance Your Research Acumen

The Multi-Dimensional Pie Chart
Image 2 – The Multi-Dimensional Pie Chart

We know how important it is to quickly understand complex results and easily visualize your data across multiple surveys and questions. Here are some reporting highlights coming in the new release:

  • Visualize Crosstab Data with Multi-dimensional Pie Charts:
    • This new graph will allow you to better visualize your crosstab data. Now you’ll be able to present complex results in a way that makes it easy for stakeholders to understand and act on.
  • Find Profound Insights with Multi-survey Reports:
    • You’ll have the ability to add questions from multiple surveys into one report. This will enable you to create powerful cross-survey dashboards that will lead to more informed decision-making.
  • Bucket Choices Together in Crosstab Analysis:
    • Simplify your crosstab analysis by grouping similar response choices together. This feature will make comprehending complex results that much more straightforward.


 New Administrative Controls to Better Manage Your Account

New Multi-User Management Interface
Image 3 – New Divisions and Resource Allocation

In FluidSurveys 5.1, it was essential to allow administrators to have increased control while at the same time empowering their multiple users. Here are some key features we have added:

  • Let Departments Manage Themselves:
    • In version 5.1, we’ve introduced the concept of “divisions” to make it possible for departments in your organization to manage their own users and permissions. This will significantly speed up collaboration and increase organization.
  • Allocate Resources by Division:
    • Empower divisions with the resources they need to work effectively. For example, provide departments in your organization with a portion of your survey invite quota, and let them distribute invites to their users as they see fit.
  • Download Survey Backups for Safe Storage and Sharing :
    • We’ve introduced a file export format that will allow you to easily download, import, and store your surveys for later! Share knowledge across departments and safely back-up your survey data.


 A New Testing Suite to Help You Confidently Launch Your Surveys

Mobile Friendly Testing
Image 4 – Mobile Friendly Testing

Conducting an online survey from start to finish is a complex process with a lot to consider and a lot that could go wrong. That is why we have amped up our testing features to go far beyond just previewing your questionnaire as it would appear on your screen. Instead, we allow you to test your survey through each step of the research process. Here is a quick look at some of the new testing capabilities that will be added to FluidSurveys:

  • View Surveys on Mobile Devices:
    • Your respondents will be accessing your survey through different devices, internet browsers, web connection strengths and physical environments. With this testing tool, ensure your survey looks great and functions as expected for mobile respondents.
  • Test Survey Accessibility:
    • Many organizations have requirements to meet web accessibility standards, or at the very least, want their surveys to be unbiased and accessible to all potential respondents. That is why FluidSurveys has made it a priority to include survey testing for screen readers and other accessibility equipment.
  • Generate Test Responses:
    • At the end of the day, your data’s usefulness will be dependent on how it is displayed as raw data or in a report format. You’ll be able to set your mind at ease by previewing what a full sample group of responses for your survey will look like as a report or in a data table.

FluidSurveys 5.1 is Coming! Spread the Word!

Stay tuned for the latest news on FluidSurveys upcoming software release. Even though our launch date is not public yet, we hope this post gave you a taste of the excitement to come! Help us spread the word by sharing this blog with the social media buttons below. Until next time, happy surveying people!

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Shannon McCluskey

Shannon is a marketing specialist at Fluidware. She is passionate about sharing knowledge on the latest survey insights and product features. Shannon is also very active in the local technology community, and mentors startups on marketing strategy.
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  • Michael says:

    Any update on the date for this release?

    I have a couple of projects coming very shortly which would be perfect for these features

    • RickPenwarden says:

      Hi Michael!

      The release was on October 28th last week! Check out our blog for more recent information and in-depth looks at some of the features. You can also look at our FS 5.1 webpages to see an overview of all the added features and links to video tutorial and documentation. Here’s the link:

      It is all very exciting! However, if you have a white label account, you may still be on version 4.0. But hang in there, all FluidSurveys white label accounts are scheduled to be upgraded to 5.1 before the end of December. With most being done before the end of November.

      If you have anymore questions about your account specifically, you can contact support@fluidsurveys.com.

      Hope this helps!