Exporting Your Survey Reports to Excel!

Not only can you export your survey reports to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and PDF, but yet another great feature has been added to the FluidSurveys line up….Export to Excel!

We have always had the option to export raw data to CSV and, in turn, open it up in Excel, but now you can export your actual graphs and charts in their ready-made form.

Excel is obviously a great tool when it comes to creating spreadsheets to store and display various data, but sometimes all of that information needs to be represented by a table, graph, or chart, and that’s where we come in!

Once you create a report with your survey responses and gather this information into beautiful graphs and tables, you can then export those data representations to Excel instead of having to go through the hassle of re-creating them!


Here’s how to use this great new enhancement:

In order to export your survey reports, go in to the Analyze page > click on the Report (of your choosing) > in the upper right hand side of the page click the little ‘Excel’ icon and you will get a wonderful page that comes up with your reports!

In the Excel document, each section of the report will have its own page/tab that can be found at the bottom of the page so your information is separated properly. Once you have everything in the new document you will be able to alter certain aspects of the pages as well. Graphs can be enlarged or made smaller, color changes can be applied, text can be modified, various styling methods can be used, etc.


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  • Gloria Kovacevich says:

    which versions of your survey program is exporting to Excel available in – could not tell by comparing them.