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The internet has made many aspects of life a whole lot easier than they used to be. Whether you want to organize a party, check the weather forecast, shop for Christmas, or find the name of the song that plays during the final credits of Cameron Crowe’s 1989 classic Say Anything, you can do it all in minutes, online.

With a tool like FluidSurveys, you can create a survey questionnaire, collect responses and perform analytics all from the comfort of your computer, and the same goes for respondents. They simply have to click on a link and can respond from anywhere in the world, with their responses automatically collected in an online database.

However, there are times when doing things on paper might be more ideal. Perhaps you want respondents to fill out a survey when they’re in your store, when they arrive to your walk in clinic, or maybe your survey respondents don’t have internet access.

With FluidSurveys, you can easily export, print off and distribute your survey questionnaire, and then import all of the responses back into the system. With this, you can still make use of FluidSurveys’ in depth reporting and analytics interface, even if all, or some, of your responses were collected offline.

Whether you’re doing in person paper surveys, mailing them out, conducting surveys via telephone or doing a multi-mode questionnaire (online and offline), you can import all collected data in

Importing Responses: How To…

Once the offline survey responses have been collected, you’ll find the “Import Responses” button in the “Responses” section of Analytics.

You’ll be prompted to download a .CSV template for your responses. In this Excel spreadsheet, each question in your survey would be listed as a column heading, and you could proceed to populate the columns with responses (each row being a separate response).

Once you’ve done this, you can import the spreadsheet back into FluidSurveys, and all the response data will be added into the database.

You can then go ahead and make full use of all of FluidSurveys’ analytics features!

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