The FluidSurveys Invite Tool: An In-Depth Look

Greetings! This week we are going to investigate the FluidSurveys Invite Tool.  Knowing how to send invites through FluidSurveys, rather than from your own personal email account, will not only make your life easier but will also allow you to use features that help organize your invite lists and send follow up emails.  So let’s get started!

Invite Tool Menu

To open the invite menu you can either click the ‘Publish’ icon’s dropdown button and select ‘Invites’ or click the ‘Deployment’ options under ‘Email Invitations.’  Another quick way to enter the invite menu is to click the envelop icon that appears after selecting a survey.

Once on the invite menu page, you will see that it looks and functions like a normal email service but has several additional features.  As shown in the picture below, the FluidSurveys invite tool has the ‘Compose Your Invitation’ section, which allows you to customize your subject title and message, while providing the link to your survey that will become unique for each invite sent.  Under this section you can select the time you want your invites sent by using ‘Schedule message for later date.’ You can also modify the footer of your email message by checking the box entitled ‘Customize footer message.’  The footer message refers to information that will be found at the bottom of the e-mail message that does not change from one e-mail list to another.

Compose Your Invitation

Creating and Editing Your Contact List

Now that we understand the ‘Compose Your Invitation’ section, it is possible to discuss how to create and organize your survey contact list. Under the ‘Recipients’ section there are 4 important features.

‘Add Contacts’

Add Contacts

The ‘Add Contacts’ button allows you to create a list of contacts for your survey.  It provides users with five different ways to add contacts:

The first option, ‘New Contact,’ is used to add a single contact by inputing their name and email address.

‘Manual Contact Inputs’ works the same way, except it allows for the addition of a multitude of new contacts at the same time.

‘Import Contacts’ is an extremely useful tool that allows you to import a list of contacts previously collected on an Excel document by importing the information directly into FluidSurveys.

‘From Address Books’ gives the user the ability to select any previous survey contacts from their account and add them to the invite list.

Finally, the ‘From FreshBooks’ option allows you to pull your list of FreshBook clients and place them as contacts on the survey.

‘Contact List’

Contact List

As shown in the picture above, the ‘Contact Lists’ drop down button provides a list of your account’s previous surveys.  The button allows you to add any of your account’s previous survey contact lists to your new survey’s contact list.  Simply click a survey title from the drop down menu and its list of contacts will be automatically populated into your new survey’s contact field.

The Search Box and ‘Actions’ Button

 Search Box and Actions

On the right hand side of the ‘Recipients’ section you will find a search box and the ‘Actions’ button.  These two items are designed to help you navigate through your contact list.  If you are looking for a specific contact, just type the contact’s name or information in the search box and click the search button to allow the invite tool to search for you.  The ‘Actions’ button provides users with the ability to export and delete selected contacts.

Still Having Trouble?

If you are still having any difficulties with the Invite Tool make sure you check out our excellent tutorial videos, which go over each part of the invitation process in great detail:

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1 Comment

  • Kim says:

    I discovered today that what’s missing from your composer is a “link to” button that will automatically generate a link for a URL that is NOT for the survey, but is rather a link to a non-survey reference page.

    I realize I can go in and add the code manually via the source code, but not everyone will know this and it seems a cumbersome process when any other simple text editing program I’ve seen has a “link to” option of some sort.

    Yes, it’s easy to do the link in Word and just copy and paste, which I did, but it would be terrific to be able to do this simply within the FluidSurveys invitation editor.

    I hope the FluidSurveys powers-that-be will consider adding this basic feature.

    Thanks kindly.