Four New Templates Expand FluidSurveys’ Usage

FluidSurveys is happy to present to users four new survey templates! All of our annual subscribers enjoy unrestricted access to our survey template directory.

Click on the titles of the templates below to take a look at them!

Workshop Evaluation

This allows students or participants to evaluate, leave comments or suggestions and share what he or she has learned from a course or workshop that they attended. Online surveys make filling out evaluations more convenient to the participant and can be distributed easily through e-mail or social media.

Professor Evaluation

Just like workshop evaluations, this template is dedicated to those who have completed a course or workshop. This template focuses on how to evaluate the presenter as opposed to the course itself. We use a lot of basic branching in this template to show how one survey could be sent to many students when the professor may teach more than one course.

Comparing Products

Companies sometimes like to see why consumers choose their product or service over that of a competitor. This is especially true when the product or service is mutually exclusive. For example, with gym memberships, you are unlikely to have a membership at more then one club. Using this template a company can compare why a consumer has chosen one product over the others and get an understanding of the consumer’s perspectives of the product or service they did not choose. This is an excellent way to have a better understanding of the current consumer environment and may help to create a stronger target market.


It seems like every week I am faced with a forest worth of post it notes, a full inbox and far too many Facebook notifications all trying to organize Saturday night plans with friends. I can only begin to imagine the horror organizations face when trying to schedule hundreds of employees to cover shifts.

Luckily, once again Fluid Surveys is here to save the day! We have just added a new template to help you use survey software to do scheduling. Whether it is as difficult as trying to organize hundreds of volunteers for the fundraising event or as simple as organizing three friends to attend a movie, Fluid Surveys has your back!

The template gives employees the opportunity to set themselves as available for certain shifts, request off others and leave comments to their employer. Give it a try!

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