Collect Offline Survey Data Using HTML5 Surveys, No Internet Connection Required

Deploy surveys on PCs, tablets and handheld devices – No internet connection required!

No matter where we go, it seems as if we can always access the internet, be it on our laptops, phones or tablets. Whether we’re in a coffee shop or on a bus, our favourite websites are just a click away.

It’s something that’s often taken for granted. There are numerous situations, after all, in which obtaining internet access isn’t so easy. Perhaps we’re working in the field in a remote area, or we’re at a trade show where the connection is unreliable. Collecting data in such situations is often necessary, but difficult.

Luckily, with FluidSurveys’ Mobile Survey feature, you can easily and economically gather survey response data offline on any PC or tablet, and have it uploaded to a centralized database ( once a connection has been re-established.

Designed to run in locations where offline data collection is required (limited or no internet access), FluidSurveys’ Mobile Surveys offer a much more convenient and powerful method than traditional pen & paper.

Sales personnel can now gather feedback as they meet with new clients, researchers can collect data in the field where wireless connections are unavailable, and organizations can set up survey stations at trade shows, kiosks, malls, etc without relying on an internet connection.

FluidSurveys is always looking to expand the ways our clients can gather valuable feedback data, and we’re excited to offer this new and easy-to-use approach!

How Do I Get Started?

1. Create a free FluidSurveys account! – To deploy offline surveys, try our Enterprise package.
2. Log into your account and create your new survey.
3. Download the HTML5 file found in the deployment options.
4. Run the file on any PC, tablet or smartphone (must support HTML5).

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