The Secret to Getting the Right Respondents

Last week we hosted a webinar that taught us how to get the right respondents to take our surveys. For those of us who missed the live webinar or wish to see it again, we have made the entire presentation available right here!

What is Covered in this Webinar?
Without an audience that has the right demographics taking your survey, you can’t quite get the data you need in order to make decisions for your organization. Fortunately, FluidSurveys & CINT have teamed up to make it super easy for you to order responses online with only a few clicks!

Order Guide and Pricing Information
You can view the CINT order guide and pricing sheet on Scribd by clicking here.

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Sean O'Dacre

Sean is a coordinator for the search marketing team at Fluidware. He enjoys building awareness of Fluidware's solutions through the development of relationships with other web communities. He is also an active member of several search engine optimization user groups and forums.
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