Google Maps in your Survey!

Having a map in your survey may seem a little different, however it can have many helpful and insightful purposes for you and your respondents! You can use it for a quiz you set up for your students where a map is needed for a question regarding geography or demographics, add it onto your final page in order to direct the respondents to your office building, a boutique, or a recreational area, etc., or add it as an image for your introduction page!

As the survey creator, it is all in your hands!

Here are the simple steps you can take to embed Google Maps into your survey…


• Go to the main Google page and click on Maps in the top left hand corner

• Get the location/map that you want and click on the “Link” button in the top right hand corner of the screen

• Copy all of the text (URL) under the heading “Paste HTML to embed in website”

Once you have the proper URL…

• Add in a section heading question to your survey

• Copy & paste the URL into the ‘extra description’ section of the question and save

As a side note…
You can add text as well either underneath the map by putting in a page break after the URL in the extra description area and then adding in your desired text. However, there is also the option of writing the text in the actual section heading area above the map in order to introduce the image with a caption.

So let the creative juices start flowing, and make use of yet another great feature from the FluidSurveys team!

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