Great News! FluidSurveys is Joining the SurveyMonkey Family!

Today is a very exciting day for everyone here at FluidSurveys! We are thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading online survey platform!

It’s been an amazing journey so far, and we can’t wait for the next chapter. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who’s contributed to FluidSurveys: our employees, our friends, and most of all, our amazing customers around the world. Thank you for trusting us with your surveys, data and decisions. We couldn’t be more grateful. Because of your support, the future is brighter than ever. For us, joining the SurveyMonkey family is a match made in heaven, and we can’t wait to show you what’s cooking over the next few months.

What does this mean for you?

Naturally, you might be asking what this means for you, your surveys and your data. That’s an excellent question, and there’s great news. For the most part, it’s business as usual. Rest assured, our dedication to providing you with the best possible features, support and experience will not change. FluidSurveys will continue to thrive, and we’re as committed as ever to helping you make better decisions.

By joining the SurveyMonkey family, you’ll benefit from expanded global customer support (SurveyMonkey ranks the best in the industry!), the addition of customer success teams, and behind-the-scenes infrastructure improvements. SurveyMonkey has an amazing track record with the most prestigious customers around the world, and thanks to their help and expertise, we’ll be able to increase the performance and reliability of every FluidSurveys survey out there. Down the road, you’ll also have direct access to SurveyMonkey’s suite of services like benchmarking and market research polling.

What do I have to do?

The answer is simple: nothing! Your plan features, pricing, and data will not change as a result of this transaction. We’re keeping our office and infrastructure in Ottawa, and all of our customer survey data will continue to be stored in Canada.

For you legalese lovers, the information that was disclosed to you when you signed up for your account will not change, but we’ll be updating FluidSurveys’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to align them with SurveyMonkey’s terms and privacy practices on September 6, 2014. You can preview a copy of the revised Terms of Use and revised Privacy Statement.

We’re all in!


Everyone on the FluidSurveys team is ecstatic to be joining the SurveyMonkey family, and all 75 employees are coming along for this exciting ride! Each one of us here at FluidSurveys loves what we do. We love making great software. We love our customers. And we love helping you make better decisions. The team at SurveyMonkey? Well, they love the same things too (and monkeys, of course).

They have an amazing energy and are doing extremely powerful things every single day. It’s really something to behold, and we’re elated to join forces.


To help answer some of your most immediate questions, we’ve prepared this FluidSurveys + SurveyMonkey FAQ. You can also click here to get in touch with us.

We’re thrilled to be joining the SurveyMonkey family, which includes Wufoo, the best in online forms, and Precision Polling, the leader in phone surveys.

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  • 45elmwood says:

    Fluidsurveys is great brand and well respected in business. Hope you keep it. All the best.

  • Joelle says:

    Congratulations, you should be proud!

  • CoachPadraig says:

    This is disappointing. I moved to FluidSurveys because YOU were the best in class. I moved FROM Wufoo to a Canadian company that was better at everything….

  • Charlene Boyce says:

    Fluid + Monkey = …. sea monkeys? I LOVE sea monkeys!

  • Fluidware says:

    Hey Rick. This is a test. Blah blah blah…please delete me.

  • Me says:

    Does the merge with Survey Monkey mean you will be lowering your fees in Fluid Surveys?

    • RickPenwarden says:

      Hey Me!
      We are staying the same old FluidSurveys. For now that means our product and pricing will continue on as normal.

  • Brad says:

    Hi There,
    Just wanted to confirm that the updated Terms of Use and Privacy Statements referenced on this page are final. Are there any changes coming?

    Also, can you please confirm the final URLs for these statements so I’m able to update the references on our company site.
    – Brad

    • RickPenwarden says:

      Hi Brad,

      Great question! The Terms of Use and Privacy statement linked on this page will be effective September 6th. There will be no further changes coming. Here are the links:

      Privacy Statement -
      Terms of Service -

      Hope this helps!

  • jwbackes says:

    Does a Surveymonkey paid account give me access to fluid surveys, or do I need a separate account for each?

    • RickPenwarden says:

      Hey jwbackes!
      Unfortunately you would need a separate account for each. Though Fluidware is now a part of the Survey Monkey family, our softwares remain independent from one another.