Hidden Field Questions!

Hidden Field type questions can be used when the survey creator would like to pre-populate the survey with information or a note of some kind that will not show up when the respondent is taking the survey. Sometimes there is information necessary to the survey breakdown or analytics, but it is not essential for the respondent to see.

This information will show up when the survey creator goes back into the Analyze section and can view it as part of the responses.


A manufacturing company would like to get feedback on two of their products that they have recently put out into stores.

Product A and Product B, which are two versions of the same product, have both been on the shelves for a month and it is time to see what the public thinks.

The company creates a survey about each of the products, however in order to remember which product is which, they can add a “hidden field” question to remind themselves.

In this hidden field, that is completely invisible to the respondents, the company can enter information such as; the product ID number, the shipping code, the color, dimensions, etc.

After the respondents take the survey indicating which of the products they have used, which one they liked and what their overall opinions were, they will proceed to submit the survey for the company to look at and analyze.

Where can these question types be found?
When in the Advanced Questions section of the editor, you can choose Hidden Field and insert it into your survey!

A major advantage with using the hidden field, is that you can use piping to add a GET variable into the ‘Hidden Value’ box on the editing screen. To do this, simply right click on the hidden value question and once you have the chosen variable you can just copy and paste it into the Hidden Value area.
Were you to include the product type (for example) in the URL, you can also branch based on this GET variable!

So if there is a little information that you, as the survey creator, need to keep strictly for your analytics – then this hidden field question type is the way to go!

The Hidden Field question type is available on all Enterprise plans

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