How to Use Cross-tabs to Analyze Survey Data

Our great reporting interface will allow you to easily view your survey data in tables, various chart forms, appendices, etc. – but did you know that you can go one step even further and compare two data sources within reporting? Well, you can!! This feature permits you, as the survey creator, to directly examine two data sources (ie. questions you have asked in your survey) next to one another in a helpful chart.

Using the cross-tabulations option, you can find out something like respondent’s gender versus which continent they live on, which you can see in the example below. Or maybe you’re a small business owner, and you would like to compare the frequency at which customers are greeted when they enter your shop versus the number of products they are purchasing during a visit.

Check out this quick tutorial to get started!

Cross tabs can make it quick and easy to compare relative information from your survey. You may be able to find numerous correlations and connections that you and/or your collaborators weren’t even aware of before!

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