Improve Teacher Practice and Student Performance with Powerful Online Evaluations

Schools and districts face many challenges when implementing evaluation systems for teachers and staff. They have to meet mandated requirements while ensuring that evaluations are effective, efficient and lead to improvements in teaching practice.

Emerging online tools are helping address every stage of the evaluation process. Leveraging these tools can create an evaluation environment that is streamlined and value adding, allowing evaluation data to be turned into action and greatly improving teacher performance and student success.

On October 29thFluidSurveys’ presented the webinar on Improving Teacher Practice and Student Performance with Powerful Online Evaluations.

Watch the Webinar

In this webinar, Product Evangelist Sean O’Dacre and Customer Experience Guru Shannon McCluskey covered how to:

  • Create interactive, engaging and effective evaluation surveys and forms that can be easily deployed online, offline or through mobile devices.
  • Create simple, smart evaluation forms that can be automatically customized to meet the requirements of any class or evaluation rubric, saving hours of time.
  • Turn evaluation data collection & analysis into an ongoing, streamlined and efficient process.
  • Accurately measure evaluation data against proven targets and turn insights into action.
  • Bonus online form tips and tricks to improve your classroom
  • Special offer to try FluidSurveys

Who is FluidSurveys?

FluidSurveys has an easy-to-use, fully customizable, industry-leading evaluation tool that can transform students and teachers into leaders. Use this feedback to improve teacher and class performance, provide targeted professional development, and evaluate consistently across your districts. Hundreds of schools are using FluidSurveys every year to improve, join them today.

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Shannon McCluskey

Shannon is a marketing specialist at Fluidware. She is passionate about sharing knowledge on the latest survey insights and product features. Shannon is also very active in the local technology community, and mentors startups on marketing strategy.
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