New Feature! You Can Now Upload Images/Files Directly onto your FluidSurveys account!

Greetings FluidSurvey users! Today we are pleased to showcase further improvements to our online survey software. Our visual editor widget has been given a fresh new look, and we’ve also added a brand new media library that lets you upload images/files directly onto your FluidSurveys account!

These two features work in tandem to make it even easier for you to create custom surveys and questionnaires. Our blog post today will show you where to go to access these features.

Let’s Start with the Visual Editor!

Select a Survey…

Choose from any of your existing surveys, or create a new one. Open up your survey in the Editor and then create a new Text Response question type. The new Visual Editor can be used with a variety of question types, but for the purposes of this demonstration we’ll stick with a Text Response.

Now then..

To be able to access the Visual Editor, we must first click in the white space of the Extra Description box. Essentially what we’re doing here is getting to a part of our survey that allows for advanced customization features.

Open the Visual Editor…

Once you click in the white space, you will notice that a new link appears entitled “Open Visual Editor”. Go ahead and click on that link.

Queue the Ooh’s and Aah’s…

And there you have it. The layout of this new interface was designed to be very familiar and comfortable for our users. From this window you can customize the font family, font color, and other style elements. We hope you enjoy it!

And Now for the Media Library…


Let’s suppose you wanted to embed an image in your survey to spruce things up a bit. In the olden days, FluidSurveys customers would have to host the image somewhere on the web and then refer back to the exact URL from their survey. Alternatively, customers would have to contact our Support Team to host the image and set things up by hand.

If I just lost you with that explanation, then you understand precisely why we’ve improved this process!

Thanks to the new Media Library, every customer can now upload pictures to their FluidSurveys account and easily add them to their surveys!

How to Access the New Media Library:

The Media Library is accessible from a number of intuitive places in FluidSurveys. Firstly, you can access it from the new tool bar:

Simply click on your username in the top-right hand corner and select “Media Library”.

Another Way to Access the New Media Library:

Alternatively, you can also access the Media Library from within the Visual Editor that we just talked about. Just click on one of the icons that you see highlighted in the screenshot below:

For this example, I clicked on the icon to add a new image. As you will see below in a moment, a new window appears that lets you select an image to insert into your survey.

If your image is hosted elsewhere, you can still enter a URL here and FluidSurveys will find it at that location. But if you click the “Browse Server” button instead, the Media Library will appear.

Ah, much better! This Media Library will make your life so much easier. Now you can upload your pictures and other media pieces directly into FluidSurveys, organize them in sub-folders, and access the entire collection from any of your surveys.

Why Would You Want Pictures in a Survey, Anyway?

You can get really creative with this. For example, why not upload a tasteful animated GIF or an eye-catching picture to make your survey question more topical or relevant to your audience? You could even insert a Flash animation to make your survey come alive! Use your imagination and build something awesome!


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