New FluidSurveys Feature Added: Individual Report Sharing!

Those clever FluidSurveys engineers have done it again! We’ve expanded on our already amazing feature set for survey reports by giving you the power to share individual reports with whomever you deem worthy.

But I’m Already Sharing my FluidSurveys Reports..
Yes, until today you could have been sharing access to all of your reports with one single password. This new feature lets you pick & choose which reports to share, with whom specifically, and what type of access options should be granted. Neat-o, huh?

In Case Your Head is Spinning…
Fear not, for we are about to show you how to use this new feature, one step at a time. As we show you how it’s done, your understanding will improve, and you will begin to see how this new feature can improve your entire life.

Yeah, it’s actually that good.

Step 1

Log into your FluidSurveys account and click on the Analyze icon, as shown with the arrow below.

Step 2

Now, if you don’t already have a report created, you need to do that first. Otherwise, choose a report from your list and click on the “Actions” button to the right of your chosen report. As you are about to see in step 3, a drop-down menu will appear. Oops, sorry for ruining the surprise….

Step 3

The astute FluidSurveyer will now notice a new option at the top, labeled “Share Report”. Click “Share Report” and meet me in step 4.

Step 4

A small gray window will appear just like you see in the picture below. Since we don’t currently have any “Shares” set up, we need to create one by clicking the “Add Share” button.

Step 5

On this screen, we can customize a few things about our new Share:

1. Share Name

This will serve as a unique identifier for the Share. A good idea would be to name the share after the person or persons who will be accessing it. For example, call it “Jim in Accounting” if Jim’s going to be using this Share to access your report. Or let your creative side shine through and name your Share whatever you want!

2. Share Options

Allow filtering will give data filtering control to the Share user. Allow exporting will allow exporting of your survey data. Pretty straight forward, right?

And finally, click on Save to create your new Share.

Step 6

Behold, the fruits of thine labor! Here you can plainly see that your Share was successfully created, and the options that you chose are marked as active with a green check mark. (Not shown: by clicking on the Actions button, you can delete or make changes to your existing shares.)

How to Make Use of Your Share
Simply copy the Share URL into an email message and send it to whomever you wish! They can gain access by clicking on the URL you provide, or by copying & pasting it into their browser. Since the Share URL is made with top secret ninja code language, it’s much more secure than most passwords. Only those with the exact Share URL will be able to access the Share.

You Should Use Our Software
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