Introducing Advanced Expression Piping

Hello fellow survey enthusiasts! This week we are happy to introduce FluidSurveys’ new Advanced Expression Piping feature!  This is a powerful new tool based on FluidSurveys’ basic Piping.  If you are already familiar with piping, you’ll love learning about new feature!

What is Advanced Expression Piping?

Advanced Expression Piping works like normal FluidSurveys Piping because it allows you to take a respondent’s answers for one question and use them with other questions in the same survey.  However, Advanced Expression Piping takes this ability to the next level by allowing for the implementation of code to perform math operations based on respondent answers. In essence, Advanced Expression Piping can automatically calculate numerical results using respondent answers as variables and display them in real time to your respondent on his/her survey.  This is much more powerful than basic Piping, which can only transport answers from one question to another.

How is it Useful?

So now that we know what it is, let’s discuss just some of the ways Advanced Expression Piping can be used to help online survey creators!

Advanced Expression Piping can reduce the need for custom JavaScript in your survey when desiring simple mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, or even when only wishing to display certain elements of a word, such as “Fluid” from “FluidSurveys.”  This can save your company a lot of money if you have to hire out of office in order to use custom JavaScript!

Since Advanced Expression Piping can perform math calculations and operations in real-time while the respondent is taking the survey, it can assist respondents in their decisions by calculating complex figures and inserting them in a visible field for their reflection.  This could be incredibly useful for adding hard to calculate scores, like cost totals and time estimates.

What Makes Advanced  Expression Piping Even Better?

There are many great qualities about Advanced Expression Piping.  The first amazing thing about this feature is the fact that it works on all plans!  So no matter your account type, you can go test and use this feature today!

Another reason Advanced Expression Piping is a fantastic tool, is that the coding has the same style and functionality as Microsoft Excel.  So if you are already an Excel wiz, you will be able to get the hang of Advanced Expression Piping in no time!

Getting Started

To help you become a master of this tool we have created comprehensive documentation of how to use Advanced Expression Piping in FluidSurveys.  The documentation also includes interactive examples of expressions and functions to help you get a feel for how Advanced Expression Piping would look in your own survey.  Just click on the link below to gain all the information needed to get started on your own Advanced Expression Piping:

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  • Doug says:


    I am using Hidden Value question type to calculate a score that is between 1 and 5. I would like the result to be rounded up to the a positive value. The output I am getting is to the third decimal place. Where/how can I get the result I want… resulting value should be rounded up to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.