The FluidSurveys Advanced Branching Wizard!

We have some great news from the FluidSurveys lab: branching abilities in our online survey software have been vastly improved. The old way of creating logic and branching conditions is no more.

We present to you…. the new Advanced Branching Wizard!

Advanced Branching Wizard

Notable Changes

There are many benefits to this new wizard that we are sure you will love:

    1. FluidSurveys now supports multiple actions per rule.

You are now able to show/hide multiple questions based on just one condition!

    1. You can add multiple AND/OR conditions for your survey without having to nest them, and you can change each condition individually without having to start over.

This is a massive time saver!

    1. Branching based on questions without needing to assign identifiers.

Yet another benefit most of us will appreciate! No more identifiers for branching!

    1. Improved branching status dialog.

Not only has the look & feel been updated, but very long branching conditions will be visually compacted to just show you the number of conditions.

Questions? Let’s Tackle The Common Ones…

How do I use the new wizard?
For a thorough breakdown of the new wizard, please check out our documentation here, or check out the videos below!

What about my existing branching rules?
Existing branching rules will be converted when you open the new wizard and should be 100% compatible. If not, we apologize and want to help. Get in touch with support for assistance.

I have a question that isn’t answered here..
Our support team is standing by to help!

And now, to make your life easier and more complete, we’ll include some videos from our tutorials library that show you how to get started with the new Advanced Brancing Wizard.

Branching on Single-Answer Questions

Branching on Checkbox Questions

Hiding & Showing Rows of a Matrix Type Question

Branching Based on Grid Questions

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