Just Released: The “Slider” Question Type from FluidSurveys!

Great news! We’ve just released a new question type for FluidSurveys: the SLIDER. The Slider lets you gather data from your respondents in a very unique and useful way; by allowing them to drag a slider to assign a value, or response, to your question.

Here’s How to Use It…

While editing your survey, look under the ‘Questions’ tab for the Slider type:

FluidSurveys' Online Survey Software

Once you drag the Slider onto your survey, there are a few options for you to set:

FluidSurveys' Online Survey Software

Minimum & Maximum Value:
You can program the slider to start and end at a certain numeric value.

Step Size:
As the slider is dragged from one direction to another, by how much should your slider value increase or decrease? A smaller number will make your slider more sensitive / accurate.

Left Label:
What should appear on the left side of your slider?

Right Label:
… and on the right side of your slider?

Initial Value:
This will tell FluidSurveys where to place your slider at the start. For example, if your Minimum value was 1, and your Maximum value was 100, setting this Initial value to 50 will place the slider directly in the middle.

The End Result?

Pure awesomeness, of course! Check it out:

FluidSurveys' Online Survey Software
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  • DR says:

    I am having trouble analyzing results from a Slider type question. I can’t seem to see a report available of a Bar or Column type. Can you help, please? Thanks!