New Feature – Automatically get emailed when a branching condition is met!

One of our customers recently asked us to help them address a scenario that they were facing with a client satisfaction survey they had on the go. If any of their clients mentioned that they were very dissatisfied with any of the services the organization offered, they wanted to get an email notification so that they could contact the person and talk to him directly. They asked us to build in the feature, and a few days later we made it available!

So… how does it work? Well, we built this feature as part of the “Advanced Branching” menu. You can use advanced branching to check to see if a respondent responded to a question in a certain way – if they did, then you can have the system send you an email automatically. The email will essentially notify you that the branching condition that you specified as a trigger has been met!

Once the “email yourself” action is taken, you can still execute other actions such as skipping to another page.

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Aydin Mirzaee

Aydin is currently the Co-CEO of Fluidware where he spends his time focused on product strategy, marketing and growth for the company's FluidSurveys ( and FluidReview ( products. Aydin co-founded Fluidware in 2008 and since then it has grown to become a market leader with customers in over 80 countries.
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