New Feature: Transfer a Survey to Another FluidSurveys User

If you’ve ever wanted to transfer a survey from one FluidSurveys account to another, your prayers have been answered! This exciting new feature has recently been added to applicable accounts in our online survey software at no additional cost.

By simply providing the email address of another FluidSurveys user, any of your existing surveys can be completely transferred to the other account. All of the corresponding data, be it analytics, responses, etc., will be retained during the transfer. Phew!

It’s So Easy to Do, We Almost Didn’t Include a Walk-Through..

This one is really simple, folks. Once you log into your account, simply click to select a survey. Then, at the bottom of your screen you will see these buttons:

How to Transfer a Survey in FluidSurveys

When you click the “Transfer” button, you will be prompted for the email address of the other party. FluidSurveys will contact the other user and inform them of the transfer request. Once it is accepted, the survey will be transferred!

How to Make a Survey with FluidSurveys

In case you aren’t yet a customer, and you would like to make a survey with FluidSurveys, you can get started for FREE right now! Simply scroll to the top of this blog post and complete the form at the right-hand side. Welcome to the family!

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