New & Improved: Our Theme Utility has Been Revamped!

At FluidSurveys, we don’t subscribe to that which is ‘boring’ or ‘ordinary’. We take every opportunity to be different, better, and to over deliver — even with the little things.

Last week we talked about our fresh and new user interface, and we hinted at some changes that were coming to our theme & customization utility. This week we’re going to pull the covers back and unveil these new changes, and discuss how you can take advantage of them to customize the visual appearance of your surveys and polls!

Pick a Survey, Any Survey…

To start, select a survey that needs some jazzing up. Once your survey loads, go ahead and select the “Style” button as I show you in the picture below:

Click on the Style button

This will load the theme & customization utility in a new browser tab. There are 3 primary drop-down menus to this utility, and we’ll dive into each to give you a full demo:

The Matrix: cool as a movie, even cooler as a FluidSurveys theme.
The Matrix: cool as a movie, even cooler as a FluidSurveys theme.

1. Theme

Once you click on Theme, you are shown a collection of pre-built themes that can be applied to your survey. Simply click on the theme you want to preview, and if you would like to apply it to your survey, click on Save Changes.

We have already built some themes to get you started!
We have already built some themes to get you started!

2. Customize

Wooo doggie! What can’t you customize in FluidSurveys? Feast your eyes on these options:

Customizations galore!

In the Colors sub-tab, you can change the color of the body background, header text, survey background, survey text, question background and question title.

In the Elements sub-tab, you can tweak just about every element, or “piece” of your survey by uploading custom graphics, setting custom colors and dimensions, changing the font style, size and family, and more.

The Questions sub-tab lets you apply customizations to each individual question in your survey. Now don’t let this power go to your head!

3. Advanced

Not for the faint of heart, the Advanced drop-down menu gives you access to the raw CSS code for your survey, and also the Template Grabber feature. If you’re not already familiar with CSS, we don’t recommend that you venture into these woods. Also, the Template Grabber feature is an animal all its own, so please stay tuned for more information on this in a future blog post!

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