New Question Type Lets You Collect Signatures in Your Surveys!

Great news! Customers of our enterprise survey software plan can now collect signatures in their surveys. This question type is located in the Advanced Question types section of your survey editor.

This new feature is great for confirming the identity of your respondents, to receive authorization for sharing survey results, or get the autograph of someone famous. Ok, that last one was a stretch. But if you use your imagination, I’m sure you can come up with a few cool ideas of your own!

How Does it Work?

Using our award-winning drag and drop survey tool, you simply add this new question type to your survey by (you guessed it!) dragging & dropping it from the Advanced Question Types menu section onto your survey editor window. The new question type is located in the bottom-right corner, as the following screenshot shows you:

New! Signature Question Type


We have crammed lots of useful features into FluidSurveys. Seriously. Lots. Our customers vote on what they want to see in our survey software, and we deliver it. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

The picture to the left shows you a fully-unlocked Questions menu that becomes available when you subscribe to the Enterprise level.

Unlock Everything

In case you wanted to try these out, we’re offering no-obligation 14-day free trials to our Enterprise package.

Ok, Back to Signatures…

When you create a Signature question type, your survey respondents can complete it from a desktop or laptop using their mouse or pointing device.

If your survey is being deployed on a mobile device or tablet, a stylus or fingertip will do the job perfectly well.

Now don’t laugh at the example screenshot that you’re about to see, because I tried to sign my name with a clunky desktop mouse…

Signature Question Type

There You Have It!

Have fun and make use of the Signature question type today!

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