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Labeling your pages within a survey a function that has been a part of FluidSurveys for quite some time, however, it is not something that is always used to its full potential! Using this function can allow you navigate from page to page using identifying words or characters.

By default, page labels will come up numbered (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) as you add them in, but this is not always the best labeling option when your survey gets longer and more extensive.
Having page labels that specify a section or page topic make it easier and quicker to toggle between pages when editing the survey.

How do I label my pages?

Labeling your pages is a quick and easy process which should only take a few short steps to accomplish!

First you will want to add your desired questions onto the page and save your survey.

Once this is done, you can head over to your left hand side editor and click on the “Page” tab (as seen in the screen shot). There will be an option that says “Page Label” with a text field next to it.

Here you will be able to type in a multitude of letters, numbers and characters in order to better identify your pages, and allow for a more fluid navigation process through your survey!

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