Using Pop up Surveys – Using Pop Ups to Invite Respondents to your Survey

Update: Please see our documentation for the most up-to-date information on using popups in FluidSurveys.

What are Pop Up Surveys?

You’ve probably seen them as you’ve visited various websites on the net – Pop up Surveys. These aren’t the old annoying Pop ups that actually open up a new window. Back in the 90s, those were one of the most annoying aspects of the internet; so much so that almost every modern browser today contains a nice pop up blocker.

The trend nowadays is to show a modal dialog (using jquery or some other javascript framework) to users. You typically don’t want to show this modal dialog to your users the second they enter your page as that can deter your users from proceeding to your actual website. Typically, you’ll show this modal pop up dialog a few seconds after the user has entered your website. The pop up of course will not show your survey right away; rather, it will ask the user if they’d be willing to take your survey after they’re done visiting your site.

Survey Your Users “After” they Leave your Site

The idea is that if the user says “no” to your invitation, then the dialog will not show up anymore. If the user does say “yes”, though, you’ll want to show them the survey. Ideally, you don’t want the user to start taking your survey right away as that may disturb their visit. This is especially important to note if you are running an e-commerce store. If the user was just about to buy something on your website, you may have just delayed the process! What you want to do instead is have the survey window be minimized upon the user saying “yes” and have it open up again after the user is about to leave your site (i.e. take the survey only when the user leaves the domain).

The point about taking the survey after the user leaves the website has been extended to the point that it is also customary that the window that pops up is actually a “standby” page that doesn’t display the survey itself until after the person has left the domain. This is done so that even if the user wants to take the survey, they cannot do so as the standby page will simply say something along the lines of “Your survey will be displayed here once you leave our site.” Sometimes, of course, you may want to include a link in the standby page to allow for users to take the survey right then and there if they want to.

Check out this quick video tutorial to get started!

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