Put your Surveys in Folders/Labels for Better Organization

As you know, your surveys within your account are ordered chronologically on the dashboard with 10 surveys per page. Though this is an easy and convenient way to store the surveys, there are even more layers of capability with regards to organizing and labeling.

In FluidSurveys you can create labels in which to categorize your surveys, making them even easier for you to access!

How To…

-on the main survey dashboard (where you have the lists of all of your created surveys) there will be a little drop down menu labeled “Other Actions”, click on this menu beside the survey that you would like to label

-click on the option “Edit Labels” then type in the name of the new label you would like to use to categorize a set of surveys (ex. Customer Satisfaction Surveys)


-the label will now be appended to the survey, and you can continue to follow the same process in order to add labels to other surveys on your dashboard

Now that all of your labels have been created and the surveys are falling into the proper categories, you may wonder how to use these to make searching for a specific survey quick and simple!? Don’t worry, we have an answer to this as well!
At the top of your dashboard box, on the right hand side, there should be another drop down menu that says “Select Label”. Here, you can pick from the labels you have already created and only those surveys that are assigned to that label will filter through into the list.

Ready, Set, Label!

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