Using Question Identifiers

Tell me about question identifiers…
Question identifiers allow you, as the survey administrator, to create advanced logic within your survey. Advanced survey logic can be anything from advanced branching to extraction! These identifiers will not be visible to the respondent while taking the survey, as they are for the use of the admin.
The identifiers will show up in the Reports section of the Analytics and when you export as well!

How to…
-click on the question that needs an identifier
-on the left hand side editor, under ‘Question Type’, there will be the word Identifier with the word none underlined beside it
-click on none and type in an identifier that is associated to the question
-click outside the box or press enter to submit the identifier and save the survey

side note: the identifier cannot have any characters other than letters, numbers, or hyphens – other characters (including spaces) will not be accepted.

Example using question identifiers…
One way to use question identifiers in advanced survey logic would be to implement it for advanced branching. In this case, you would add a question identifier to your question and save the survey. You can then go to the Page tab and click Edit Survey Logic Rule > Add Branching Logic.

Here you could add something in like ‘if softdrinks equals Coca Cola then page 6

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